The German Alphabet

German alphabet pronunciation may seem hard at first, but with practice you'll find it much more simpler than you've thought!

The German alphabet consists of 26 letters, just as in English. However, the German letters aren't all pronounced exactly as their English counterparts.

Click on each letter and its accompanying example to hear its pronunciation.

Note that the pronunciation shown is only approximate and is for the letter itself, not the way it may be sounded in the sample words shown.

Letter Pronunciation Example
A a ah Apfel - apple
B b beh Buch - book
C c tseh Creme - cream
D d deh dumm - dumb
E e eh Elefant - elephant
F f eff Familie - family
G g geh gestern - yesterday
H h hah heute - today
I i eeh imitieren - to imitate
J j yot Jahr - year
K k kah kaufen - to buy
L l ell Leute - people
M m emm Mann - man
N n enn nein - no
O o oh offen - to open
P p peh Papier - paper
Q q kuh Quiz - quiz
R r err reisen - to travel
S s ess Salz - Salt
T t teh Tochter - daughter
U u uh unter - under
V v fau Vater - father
W w veh Wand - wall
X x iks Xylophon - xylophone
Y y üppsilon Yoga - yoga
Z z tsett Zimmer - room