The German Consonant: K

The German letter 'k' is pronounced as in the English word 'book'. As already stated, in German there is no silent letters. Thus, English speakers might be confused a little when encountering the German 'kn' combination; as both the 'k' and the 'n' are pronounced.

Click on the examples in the table below to hear how words containing the letter 'k' are pronounced in the German language.

Examples with Pronunciation
Letter 'k' in initial position
kaufen - to buy Kopf - head König - king
Krieg - war Klang - tone Küche - kitchen
Letter 'k' in medial position
Apotheke - drugstore denken - to think Dokument - document
dunkel - dark nackt - naked Laken - bed sheet
Letter 'k' in final position
züruck - back Streik - strike Glück - luck
blank - bright Kalk - lime Tabak - tobacco
'kn' letter combination
Knie - knee Knopf - button Kneipe - pub/bar

As you could see, the German letter 'k' is pretty simple. Just remember that it's always pronounced, unlike in English, where it might be silent in some words.