The German Consonant: N

Another simple German letter that is very similar to its English counterpart, is the letter 'n'. The German letter 'n' is pronounced exactly as its English counterpart, whether its at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

Click on the examples in the table below to hear how words containing the letter 'n' are pronounced in the German language.

Examples with Pronunciation
Letter 'n' in initial position
nein - no nehmen - to take Nadel - needle
null - zero nie - never nähen - to sew/stitch
Letter 'n' in medial position
blind - blind Hand - hand hundert - hundred
bringen - to bring Honig - honey unter - under
Letter 'n' in final position
Magazin - magazine kaufen - to buy gestern - yesterday
Xylophon - xylophone Lächeln - smile Köchin - cook

To summarize, the German letter 'n' exactly as in English, no matter which position it appears in!